She wanted to share the marvels of this place. So she let her hand to portray her discoveries on canvas. She painted scenes of solitude and nostalgia in millions of colors of passion. Her ultimate quest was one of beauty...

Although at first glance Eljana’s work seems quite eclectic, it is all bound by one concept: wanderlust. Some paintings depict a journey and some are a journey in themselves. Others are inspired by the impressions and emotions of travel. As a real globetrotter Eljana has learned to embrace the solitude and the transient nature of impressions, experiences and relationships. She is however able to find consolation in the beauty of her surroundings.

Her style could be described as deliberately naďve. Eljana paints in deep tones and finds colour where none seems to exist, sometimes walking a thin line between figurative and abstract. A distinctive dry style of painting blends her brushstrokes and gives all paintings a soft and dreamlike finish. Together with surrealist influences in her compositions, Eljana’s paintings often express deeply personal and enigmatic qualities.

There are many recurring themes in Eljana’s work. One that comes back in most is the artist’s unique gift to find the often unnoticed beauty in everyday life. Some of her paintings create a warm and intimate atmosphere by focussing on unpretentious detail: Little transcient scenes of consolation or intense beauty. Others make bold, passionate statements of texture and colour. However in all her work we can see how the artist seeks to share her dreamlike vision by enhancing colours and enlarging the aesthetics of reality.

Like in everybody's life, darker themes of death, suffering and solitude are present in Eljana's work too. In many of her works themes like these usually manifest themselves in subtle symbolism or melancholy undertones. Both thematically and in execution Eljana’s work is somewhat reminiscent of that of Remedios Varo and Frida Kahlo; each painting an intimate view into the artist's psyche and her visual dairy.

Turning her back on the cold harshness of reality and exhalting the sweet life of a dream, undying hope and a fierce optimism, Eljana and her paintings will always be en route: Their magical journey will continue beyond the star-strewn sky...